Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Outdoor Adventures with Nuby

Summer is over (finally), but we are still getting some high temperatures. Since we love the outdoors it is normal for us to carry water everywhere. We have tried lots of different bottles trying to find the best "fit" for Mikey. We found the one! 

Nuby's Gator Grip Pop-Up Sipper is a great bottles are suited for ages 24 months+. Kiddo is 4 and loves it. The colors are vibrant, the rubber grip is great for tiny clumsy hands, the tag is great if you have multiple kids or for day care, and rubber the cap opens and closes easily. 

Kiddo loves to drink water from the Gator Grip Pop Up Bottle, we use it at home, when we go hiking, camping, any kind of travel, and it's great to have in your kid's pack/diaper bag. The only thing I wish was better about this bottle's great design is its width. Unfortunately the base of this bottle is too wide for our cupholders, and that frustrates Kiddo because he loves to put his soppy cups with water in the cupholder of his car seat (Nautilus).

Other than that little detail we love everything about these bottles. You can choose from many colors and they are available in stores (or online

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