Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Favorite Items for the Back to [Grad]School

As you all may now know, I started my Master's Degree this year in January, and one of my favorite things in the world is shopping for supplies. Whatever I bought this year was a WIN. I loved and used everything that I bought (not like past years that I go crazy buying and then use only 50% of the stuff).

Who doesn't like shopping for school supplies? When I go to Staples, Office Max, or even, I go crazy like a kid in a toy store. I absolutely love everything that has to do with school, office supplies. It makes me sooooo happy haha! Anyway, less talking more showing…

Here are my favorites for school!

1. Swissgear ScanSmart Backpack - This backpack in particular is really convenient for me because I can use it for school, but also to travel. The main compartment is spacious and it has a social pocket for MP3 players (perfect for my iPhone 6) with a small opening for wire head/earphones. The backpack also features a pocket for sunglasses, one for supplies with pen holders, keychain and ID holder, an open-viewing compartment that fit laptops up to 17" with a strap to keep it in place, and it also has a padded pocket for tablets. On the sides there are mesh pockets to hold water bottles and also zipper pockets that are deep great for more pens or umbrellas, like I use it for.

2. Multiple Subject Notebooks - These are the ones I use (Mead Five Star). It is much more organized to only have to carry one notebook, versus 2-4 depending on how may courses you are enrolled in. Another option is binders, but I prefer the classic notebooks for taking notes. One of the pros of this particular notebook is that you can rip the pages, remove the border and you end up having a nice ruled sheet that doesn't look like it was originally ripped from a notebook.

3. Five Star Flex Hybrid Notebook/Binder - I absolutely love this hybrid. It works like a notebook but also as a binder. It keeps everything organized. It comes with 3 translucent protector dividers, with tabs, plus two folders with pockets, which also have tabs. Included are ruled paper and graphs ruled. Pretty awesome. Oh, and they come in different colors/designs :)

 4. BIC Grip Mechanic Pencils 0.7mm - I have tried tons of pencils and these are the only ones I can truly use for long periods of time. The rubber grip is comfortable for me, and so far I have managed to not lose them in the length of a semester lol!

4. Staedtler Erasers - I don't have to say anything about these. They are the best eraser ever made, and if you didn't know that, then you need to get one right now to find out for yourself.
 5. Pilot Acroball Pens - I tried these when they first came out thanks to Influenster. Since the first time I used them I was in love. These pens write smoothly, don't bleed and are comfortable. They not only come with black ink, you can find some other colors like blue and pink. I own black and pink :)

6. BIC Brite Liner - the ones I fell in love with. They don't mark on the other side of the page, don't mes up whatever you are highlighting and don't bleed.

7. Post-it Flags - My obsession. I have the pack on the right side. They are super useful. I used them to mark up everything: Red/Wide - Graded Exams, Yellow/Wide - Graded Homeworks, Blue/Wide Graded Quizzes, then the smaller flags are used to mark important formulas or facts that are key for exams. I love them!

8. LIHIT LAB Pen Case - My best purchase for school supplies. This case is amazing. Inside of mine I have: 5 highlighters, 3 pencils, 2 pens, 1 eraser, 2 rulers (6"), 4 packs of multicolor flags, 4 tiny post-it sticky note pads, 1 calculator, 1 flash drive. Everything well organized in this case, which has elastic holders, mesh pockets and a middle division to make it all fit.

9. Pocket Umbrella - because you never know when you are going to need one and it is better to find a tiny one that you can always keep in a pocket inside your backpack. Make sure that the one you buy comes with a sleeve/cover/case. You don't want a wet umbrella messing up your notebooks inside your backpack ;). I store mine in a side pocket of the backpack and it doesn't touch anything inside, but I prefer to have it in its own sleeve before putting it inside.

10. Flushable Baby Wipes - baby wipes are super useful! I even use them to clean (shhh). I always keep a pack with me in my backpack for those times when you need to clean your hands or something, and there is no access to soap and water. I normally use them to clean my fingers after munching on some Doritos :D They are also handy in case you go to the restroom and there is no toilet paper LOL
11. Lysol Disinfectant Spray (Travel Size) - I just carry this everywhere. They are great for disinfecting mouses, desks, and keyboards. Also toilet handles, or whatever you think may need cleaning.

12. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle - I always carry water with me to keep me hydrated and help me save money. Water can get expensive if you drink lots of it like me. So, this bottle is neat. If fits in my backpack's side net pocket and the loop cap lets me secure it from falling in case something happens.

Do you have any particular items that always carry with you to school? Which are your favorites?

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