Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Cape Cottage Playhouse Lighting #LittleTikes

Welcome to our 2015 Cape Cottage Playhouse Lighting post.

Since we moved to California we decided to start our own Christmas traditions as a family of three. For the past 3 years we have adopted the tradition of giving toys to less fortunate kids and Kiddo himself, is the one who picks the toys. He loves to go shopping for the kids and it makes me proud to know that he is so kind. 

This year we went to Puerto Rico during the holidays to visit family. Grandma is one of those who ALWAYS decorates her house right after thanks giving, and Michael LOVES the lights. 

Thanks to Little Tikes we just started our new tradition: Cape Cottage Playhouse Christmas Lighting. We saw how much Kiddo loved (and loves) the Christmas lights on the houses that we thought "why not let him decorate his own house?"

He had a bunch of fun decorating this easy-to-set-up playhouse. We have kept it indoors because it is too cold outside for him to play in it during the Winter. 

Assembling the house was a breeze, instructions were clear and the use of extra tools was minimum (we only needed a flat screw driver at the end. It was not necessary for assemble of the structure). The plastic seems to be high quality and durable. I never expect less from Little Tikes, ya' know. 

My grandma still has a playhouse that mom bought for me on Christmas 1992. It still holds up pretty well. I still remember how much I loved that playhouse. The details inside were my favorite feature. 

One thing I love about Little Tikes is the little details in their products. For example, in the Cape Cottage Playhouse it is the brick wall, mailbox, shutters, I love all those things. The other details are in the stickers, which are really cute too and made out of a nice quality paper. 

Little Tikes has a nice variety of playhouses and I like that they give parents a range of prices too. For example the Cape Cottage Playhouse is a high quality product at an affordable price. Great Christmas gift if you as me! 

And now… the moment you all have been waiting for….



*I received the product for testing purposes in exchange of my honest review. Although the product was free opinions are 100% my own.