Thursday, November 5, 2015

Parents' Corner: Gardening Tools by ROCA Home

Gardening is something that we love so much! And it is not only gardening, it is the amazing feeling of harvesting and eating what we have grown for the season. Kiddo has developed an interest in gardening as well, and since we renovated the garden now it is easier for him to work the soil ;)

Since this is our first garden we still are learning and thanks to ROCA Home, now we know what high quality gardening tools are. That's right we got a gardening set that is amazing and I would say: almost indestructible. 

But, as every kid, Kiddo loves to do whatever we do, and since we had new tools he was excited to see that ROCA Home also sent us a Gardening Tools Set for Kids for him to help mommy and daddy!

First, let me show you the adult tools. They come in this amazing storage bag that has a cylindrical shape and closes with just a zipper, and it is also waterproof. It is the first time I see something like this and I love it. The zipper goes from one side to the other with no stopping or interruptions.  IT is a single zipper and it takes both round ends and the middle line. Whoever made this, ROCA Home, it is genius! (you can see how it works in the video above)

The set, which includes the storage bag, comes with three (3) tools: transplanter, trowel and a hand fork. Each of them has a spot in the carrying case, where they are secured by velcro and elastic bands. 

 ROCA Home gardening tools are all strong and are a one piece tool. The handles are rubber and the shape is extremely comfortable and makes the tools easy to use with no discomfort at all. The material of the tools is stainless steel (I know, I LOVE [L O V E] stainless steel tools). Knowing that they are made out of stainless steel tells you that they are going to last basically a lifetime and will not rust at all!

The hand fork is nicely welded and feels strong. We used it to aerate our soil in the garden beds and it worked as it should and was really easy to use and comfortable. 

The trowel, which we use to dig small holes to transplant seedlings or small plants, is also a one piece tool, strong and comfortable. They all have the same handle, actually, so the other tool, the transplanter, has the same ergonomic handle. 

The transplanter also has measurements. It has marks with 1cm space, great for digging holes with certain depth and measure spacing between plants. We haven't used the transplanter yet, because during the cool season (Fall and Winter) we sow seeds directly into the garden beds, but for Spring and Summer we will definitely use it since we start seeds indoors and transplant the seedling later when weather is warm enough :)

I really love this new gardening tools set from ROCA Home, they are strong, well made, high quality stainless steel material and comfortable. Plus the carrying case makes a great storage for them and doesn't take too much space. And, as much as I love this tools Kiddo loves his!

The Kids Gardening Tools Set from ROCA Home is truly cute! The set includes a gardening carrying bag with pockets, 3 tools (resembling the adult version), a watering can and a booklet with information about beneficial insects for the garden!

The bag is really well made, flawless seams and feels strong. It can fit everything that comes in the set making it ideal for storage purposes.


The tools feel strong and sturdy, and are the right size for kiddos' hands. The handles are plastic and the tool tips are metal. According to Kiddo these are also comfortable to use, and he has used them even to play in the beds as if they were sandboxes. 

He gets excited every time he sees that he has the same tools I have, and he loves to match. He will observe what I am doing and using and go running to his bag to get the matching tool to "help" me. What I also love about these tools is that they have vibrant colors, which make them look really playful for kids so they actually think they are playing, but in reality they are learning about the outdoors and importance of gardening. 

The watering can was the thing Kiddo was most excited about. I mean, what kid doesn't like to "play" with water? We always water our plants with our gardening hose, but Kiddo has be asking forever for a watering can, since that is what he sees on cartoons and every typical garden. Well, when he saw his own watering can he was extra duper happy and wanted to water the plants right away. 

ROCA Home definitely hit it out of the park with both gardening tool sets. High quality, functional set, comfortable to use, and with their own storage bags, these definitely make great gifts for gardeners and kids. Perfect as house warming gift or as a just because also!

If you want to purchase or learn more about ROCA Home Gardening go here:

Happy Gardening!

*I received the product for testing purposes in exchange of my honest review. Although the product was free opinions are 100% my own.


  1. This is cool, wonderful idea to get kids involved in gardening, with their own tools! I love the tool bags too, perfect to carry around and the kid's tools look colorful & cute!

  2. How adorable! the Mommy and Me tools actually look VERY durable - even the kiddo set!

  3. This is so cool it's a hers and for kids. I want them for gardening. It would make my son and I have fun working together. I haven't seen gardening tools for kids before. Thanks for sharing

  4. That is the cutest kids tools I have seen. It looks sturdy and will last. I love stainless steel too as it is durable and easy to clean.

  5. These are too cute. I love the "parents" bag, my boys would love these items.

  6. Wow, looks like a great set of gardening tools to get children involved in gardening.

  7. Wow! That is so cool! It looks like a great way to enjoy quality outdoor family time during the gardening season. I live the colors on the kid's set too.

  8. I am loving this and it would be perfect for my Sister in Law and Niece!!! So cute. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Looks like such a nice set and your son is absolutely adorable. I love how you take pictures. Great review and work showcasing this set. Makes me actually want to garden. :)