Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our Backyard Garden

Did you know that we are gardeners? Or at least we try…

Well, when we first got this house, our backyard was so plain. It had lots of old mulch, one big tree and 4 small shrubs. It didn't have any single fruit tree like all my neighbors' have. Maybe the former owner cut them down or something? I assume this because there were 5 tree stumps (2 big ones and 3 medium) and we have never known what these were lol Still to this day I complain about how all my neighbors have fruit trees in they backyards (and even FRONT YARD) and this house has NOTHING! They have avocado trees, oranges, lemon, plums and even peaches…. we, well, like I said, this is the only house with zero fruit trees (wah wah waaaaah).

Ok, enough of the petty party because…..

… we've changed that. Now we have a vegetable garden in the backyard, but last year it was not what we expected it to be. We planted everything directly in our soil, but little did we know our soil lacks some important nutrients and our crop was no good.

This year we decided to change our strategy. We built 5 redwood raised beds and filled them with a mix of compost and top soil (50/50). We are actually changing the entire backyard and went from dirt walkways to mulch,  and we are growing new grass for the green area.



SO far we are loving it! We are in the process of planting our cool season crops, but since we are leaving for vacation soon and I don't have anyone to look out for my garden, we are only going to plant veggies in one bed (#5). The others will wait for us to come back, but will be covered with "wire panels" (metallic fence) because there is a cat that likes them as litter box. We have had this problem for an entire year and I am getting pretty tired of it, not only because of the smelly poop, but because the cat digs and have killed some of my plants doing so. I sincerely DO NOT LIKE CATS (sorry cat people), and if I happen to catch the cat I will take it to the closest animal shelter in town (Neighbors, keep your cats in your house, thank you!)

Anyway, we are going to cover those beds and we will also cover the beds that have plants in them with wildlife netting in case any critter tries to eat the seedlings. We will be sowing some seeds for leeks, carrots and onions (yummy!). We also have some strawberries that are done for the season (bed #4), but need to stay alive (of course), and a raspberry plant too (bed #7).

So far this is how our garden is taking shape:

We will keep updating about our gardening skills and what we are growing through the year, and we may or may not have some giveaways in the way too! So keep an eye on us ;)

If you can't wait for our posts here, just follow our garden account on Instagram at: https://instagram.com/mikes_homegarden/

Interested to know more about the beds we made? Here is goes. We made five 4'x5' beds, that are 1 ft deep (in reality is 11 inches deep*). These are the materials we used to build them:

- four 2"x 6" x 5' (two 2" x 6" x 10' cut in half)
- four 2"x 6" x 4' (two 2" x 6" x 8' cut in half)
- four 4"x 4"x 11" posts
- thirty-two (32) 2.5" screws

*The real measurements of a 2"x6" are 1.5" x 5.5", that is why the posts should be 11" and not 1 foot tall.
**Tools not included in he above list. Also, amounts listed make only ONE 4'x5' redwood raised bed assembled as the image shown below. Adjust amounts if you need more than one bed.

Note that each side of the bed has two 2"x6" stacked one on top of another. If you need info regarding other measurements, procedure, tools and/or materials, leave me a message and I'll be happy to help :)

Happy Gardening!


  1. Can I just say I love your garden idea?!? Seriously - come to my house and redesign my yard please! We have a huge yard, no budget (that's ends it all there lol) and just not enough time. Seriously though, it's looking AMAZING! Thanks for sharing the box size also! My husband hates when I give him my ideas I found online to build lol :)

  2. This is so gorgeous! I would love to be able to do something so creative to my own yard. Wonderful inspiration for others! I def am bookmark this page!

  3. I know nothing about gardening. However, I can see the big improvement you guys made with your backyard! Please do followups with pictures of your budding garden as it grows. Would love to see the results.

  4. I am seriously jealous! I live in an apartment and want so badly to live in a house so I can have a backyard and a garden! You're doing an amazing job keep it up!

  5. It's always good to have a plan for gardening before planting. I like the way you have created a nice shape for the lawn and for the plants too. Look forward to more updates on your garden :)