Friday, October 2, 2015

Surprise Toy: H2-Whoa! from B. Toys

Surprise, surprise! Last week we got a surprise package from B. Toys, and one of the things that came inside that box was the H2-Whoa!. And let me tell you, I've been playing with it more than Kiddo!

First, let me tell you about it. The H2-Whoa! is a board for kids to write and draw with just water. That's where the name comes from (H2O = water). Four (4) refillable pens come with this toy and you can write on both sides of the board. I love that idea of both sides being usable and I'll explain why in a few… Also since the magic is in using water, this toy suits kids ages from 18 months to 5 years (or older, like me, I am 26 haha)

The four pens than come with the H2-Whoa! have a felt point that absorbs the water that you put into the tube (if you watch the video you will see how everything works), and each pen can be tucked away in its own compartment, there are two spots at the top and two at the bottom.

As I mentioned before, the board is reversible and you can draw on both sides of it. After you write or draw with the water your design will start fading (as the water on the board dries), so if you are done using all the space in one side you just flip it and keep drawing. By the time you are done drawing the other side is dry and ready to be written on again. 

Someone was really excited about his H2-Whoa!

I can think of various games to play here. Like a fast thinking tic-tac-toe where you have to write down your X's and O's before the entire thing fades away, or name the object (where someone draws and people have to guess before it fades)…. It is a simple, yet entertaining toy.

We are definitely going to take it with us to our trip to Puerto Rico to keep Kiddo busy in the plane and airports. We are going to be traveling for 13 hours, and that is too much time for a kid, so we have to keep him entertained. This board will also help Kiddo develop his writing skills and I do not have to worry about him writing on airplane/airport walls, staining chairs or even his clothing. Perfectly safe for messy kids, and all you need is a tiny bit of water!

The H2-Whoa! has perfect size for Kiddo's carry-on suitcase. In addition the side of the board has rubber covered handles that makes it easy to grab and hold, to take in and out of the bags.

Bottom line, great toy for kids. Makes a perfect gift and helps children be creative, develop writing skills and have fun while learning. The H2-Whoa! is definitely KIDDO APPROVED!


One peculiar thing about B. Toys are their colors. If you notice this toy doesn't have the typical kids colors or designs, and this is because B. Toys is inspired by everything surrounding the designers of these toys: their children, travel, childhood memories…. And one thing that I really love about them is that they encourage children to be themselves (B creative, B smart, B you).

Another thing about them that is absolutely wonderful is their packaging. Other than making life easier for us parents (easy to open), they are recycled AND recyclable. 

B. Toys has a line in their website that says the following: 
"To us, recycling is more than a stamp. It's a commitment. To the world and the children in it."

And I absolutely love that! They also have funny messages in their packages like this one, just to encourage people to recycle.  

Our H2-Whoa! also came with a little book about things that kids say, in every page. It was hilarious! 

To learn more about B. Toys you can visit their website:

And to top it off check this out. For every toy that B. Toys sells, they donate a portion to Free The Children an international charity that empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty by providing education, clean water, health, food and alternative income and livelihood. To learn more visit Free The Children

*I received the product for testing purposes in exchange of my honest review. Although the product was free opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Coloring with just water? Genius! OK, I know it's not a new concept, but this thing looks pretty dang cool. With a little one who likes to color on everything, this could be my very best friend.

  2. Aww.. this one is so cool, loved watching your video! Its interesting to color with water!!
    This one will definitely keep kids busy, lol and helps them getting creative too!!

  3. This is an awesome idea for a toy. Kids love writing and drawing with a writing implement. This board and pen set up using water is really a great invention. The walls, floors, and table tops of parents are probably screaming for them to get this for the little ones in the home, lol.

  4. This is so awesome.. My kid keeps writing & scribbling on her write erase board but then this one sounds so cool. I'll definitely give it a try. It's a great holiday gift too 😊👍🏻

  5. How adorably cute is this!? My daughter would love this as a Christmas present. I love your pictures as well & your son is a cutie!