Monday, September 7, 2015

Baby Gifts: Nursing Cover #IntiMom

*I received the product for testing purposes in exchange of my honest review. Although the product was free opinions are 100% my own.

Breastfeeding! Oh, how I loved it! Kiddo was exclusively breast fed for 15 months. That's a record for me.

When Kiddo was a newborn I used to work as an attorney assistant and court translator in South Dakota. There were only two people in the office: my boss (the attorney) and me. She was so kind that she hired me while I was pregnant, and I loved here even more after she told me that I could bring Kiddo to the office every day if I wanted to.

Kiddo was 6 days old when he went to court with me for the first time. We lived in a small town, where everybody is kind, helpful, understanding… and nobody had a problem with me taking my little one to work, not even the Judge (who I absolutely admired, he was my favorite)

Well, like I said, Kiddo was EBF and due to my type of work (and my personality, really) I always carried with me a nursing cover, so no matter the place I could comfortably pop out the boob and feed the little mister. That nursing cover was the best gift ever! And since I loved it so much Kiddo 2.0 (Mommy 2.0, actually) is getting one too!

For the Baby Gift Box we are adding the IntiMom Nursing Cover. Why the IntiMom's? Well, you see, these are my favorite features about this nursing cover:

1. Useful: Great for any place you go, I used it in court, office, airplanes, airports, car (while in a rest stop), EVERYWHERE! I don't want to go into the breastfeeding in public, exposed or not, debate. I (read that: I/ME/MYSELF) prefer to cover up while doing so, and Kiddo didn't seem to mind. This cover seems pretty decent in size, it takes from side to side of me. You will be covered, no worries.

2. Compact: it folds really small and eve has a carrying pouch to store it

3. Fabric: breathable fine fabric perfect for every kind of weather and the little one does not get hot

Photo against sunlight so you can visualize how thin and breathable the fabric is

4. Adjustable: adjustable plastic clip easy to change to any length.

5. Comfortable: there are no itchy seams/threads anywhere and the fabric is so light that it feels like you don't have anything over your kid. Also, the plastic loop on the upper part of the cover is really convenient so you can see your baby while you are latching, or just enjoy watching him nurse/sleep :)

Sorry I couldn't take a photo of me wearing it, I do not own a tripod and my
3 year old  is not allowed to touch my camera lol!

6. Machine Washable: who doesn't like products that are easy to clean? I don't even have to explain this one :)

7. Beautiful print: this nursing cover has a unique design with neutral colors. I know some moms match their accessories spending on the baby's gender, and this cover is perfect because it doesn't scream boy or girl. And that purple color is gorgeous in person!

Overall I am really pleased with this nursing cover. It is so much lighter than the one I had before and comes with a carrying case so you don't need to be worry about it getting dirty.  Add it to your list of baby shower gift ideas because this one is a great one!

If you would like to purchase this product go here: IntiMom Nursing Cover

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  1. Your old boss was awesome, I wish everyone was that under standing. I really like the nursing cover it will go on to my future baby registry :)