Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mommy's Corner: Manicure Time with Jamberry!

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Hello my darling readers!

I finally got to have my first "me time" this week. Kiddo is taking a nap and I decided to do my nails while he is asleep. 

I've been a nail biter since I have memory, and I absolutely HATE IT! But for some reason I couldn't control it before. I used to be so self conscious about my hands, I didn't even wear my wedding ring because I didn't want people to ask to see it because they would see my ugly hands (nails). I tried fake nails (acrylic) but after a while it was too much for me, plus after removing them my nails would be so weak and unhealthy.

Well, a friend introduced me to Jamberry a while ago and now I have pretty and healthy nails woohoo! Jamberry are nail wraps high quality and made of vinyl. They seal with heat and pressure and can last up to 2 weeks (even more) on hands and up to 4 weeks on toes. 

Jamberry Nail Wraps have NO harsh chemicals, they DO NOT chip or fade (like polish or polish stickers do), they do not damage your natural nail and are safe for pregnant women and children (they are non-toxic). 

Each sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps will give you 2 manicures, 2 pedicures and couple of extras for accent nails. They come in hundreds of styles and the best thing is that you can put them on yourself with tolls that you may already have at home. When I put them on I only use my blow dryer (heat source), scissors and cuticle pusher. That's it! But if you do not have tools Jamberry's got you cover with their tool kits and mini heaters :)

Here is the first time I wore Jamberry! I matched my hands and feet! I did them and only used half sheet, so I had the other half and couple of wraps from this one left! That would be a $7.50 manicure :)

Like everything you will find it a bit difficult in the beginning but once you learn how to put those babies son you will become a expert and it will take you no time! Oh, and unlike nail polish or polish stickers, you do not have to wait for them to "dry" after you put them on! I absolutely love them, really! Because what if the baby decides to wake up right when you are done  putting nail polish? You have to choose between a crying baby or a damaged manicure! Not with Jamberry! You put them on and you are good to go! 

Here is what I did on my "me time" today (without flash on top, without flash on bottom). The wrap I am wearing is the Gray and Silver Stripe.

Oh and I almost forgot! They have a collection of Juniors and 'Mommy and Me' where the wraps fit little girl nails from 2T to 8 years old! This is a great idea because I know a lot of little girls that love to look just like mommy but nail polish are too strong for them, plus the chemicals… eww… Jamberry is totally safe for them and there are even wraps for mommy and daughter that match their nails!!! 

If you would like to learn more and get some free samples from Jamberry, please join my online party that will last of 10 days. We will have games and will answer all the questions you may have about the product. Join on Facebook here: Sharill's Jammin' Nail Wrap Party

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