Monday, September 21, 2015

Baby Gifts: Muslin Swaddle Blankets #SavvyBaby

*I received the product for testing purposes in exchange of my honest review. Although the product was free opinions are 100% my own.

One of my favorite things to do when Kiddo was a newborn was to swaddle him. He loved to be swaddled and that would put him to sleep immediately. Swaddling means wrapping a baby in cloth, by doing so baby feels the same comfort he/she felt while in the womb. That's pretty much why Kiddo would fall asleep so fast.

My only concern with that always was how warm he would get. But now that I am better informed about baby products I know that muslin blankets are the best for swaddling without the risk of baby getting baked.

I had the chance to try the Muslin Swaddle Blankets from SavvyBaby and can't be happier about it. The SavvyBaby muslin swaddle blankets are made out of 100% cotton fabric, they come in a pack of three (3) with three different lovely and simple designs, and in neutral colors. 

The Savvy Baby swaddle blankets measure 48" x 48", perfect size for saddling babies from newborn to approximately 6 months (or even more, really. It depends on your baby's size and how much he likes to be swaddled). Our sample of a swaddle baby is "Boy", Kiddo's teddy bear. It measures 21" long and we were able to swaddle him easily (and you don't see any bulky/full areas of leftover fabric)


After baby outgrows them for swaddling, you can keep using them as nursing cover, car seat cover, regular blanket, or just as a security blanket for toddlers. You can also put them as burp cloth and changing pads. My little one loves how soft these muslin blankets are ad he wanted to keep them, but they are going into the Baby Gift Box for Kiddo 2.0. 


As you can see in the photo below, muslin fabric which is just lightweight cotton cloth made in a plain weave, is breathable and you can see my hand through it. This is something really important for us because Kiddo 2.0 will be born and raised in Puerto Rico where climate is tropical. With all the heat and humidity in the Island the less we want is a heavy fabric for blankets.

Bottom line, I love these muslin swaddle blankets. They are well made, flawless seams, patterns are aligned (not crooked like others), are machine washable, and these can be a great gift for future parents, no matter the gender of the baby. They are also big and versatile.

As soon as Kiddo 2.0 joins us in November we will update this post with photos of him swaddled <3


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  2. We love ours. Used from 5 lb 5 oz to now, 28lb & almost 3 still rear facing. Also please note the headrest is is required for forward facing. my website