Thursday, September 10, 2015

Baby Gift Box Reveal!

So, you may have heard about the Baby Gift Box in past posts. For those who haven't, the BGB is just a box that we are gong to be filling up with baby items for the new member of the family Kiddo 2.0. 2.0 is Kiddo 1.0's cousin, and he will be born in November :)

We have a pretty small box and is full already, so we will be storing all the baby products in our bags. Yes, bags. We will be traveling to Puerto Rico to meet 2.0 and all these items are going to go with us in our suitcases (thaks Southwest Airlines for your awesome checked bags policy: first two are free).


Here you go….

So far this is what it looks like. We still have two more months to gather more gifts, and I will update right before we leave so you all know what we added! As of today here is what is inside the famous Baby Gift Box:


* we are HUGE fans and you can see why HERE



Can't wait to see what else will go into the box in the upcoming months and tell you all about it! If you have any suggestions of baby products for a first time mom, let us know on the comments below :)

What do you think so far? Do you like our gift box?! What would you add?

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