Thursday, August 20, 2015 Our Shopping Experience

*I was provided with a promotion code to facilitate my honest review about my shopping experience using the website There was no monetary compensation involved. I only recommend products and brands I trust and opinions are always my own.

I am a fan of online shopping. It is funny because being a SAHM you would think that I have the time to go visit the mall or stores and buy the items I need. But, no. I am a busy mom and prefer the convenience of shopping in my pajamas with my kid eating cereal, watching cartoons, and running in circles. 

No, seriously, I love to be able to shop for great deals from the comfort of my own home. And that is truly possible with is an online store based in Utah.  They sell baby, kids, women, and scrapbooking products, as well as home decor, office accessories and electronics at great prices. They post a new "steal" every day for each category and you can save more than 50% off of the original price from well known brands. 

As I mentioned has different categories. They have BabySteals, KidSteals, SheSteals & ScrapbookSteals. Oh, and even though the category called SheSteals is about females they have a subcategory for males too!

At you will be able to find clothes, shoes, accessories (shades, hats, purses, jewelry), toys, home decor… there is so much I can't keep up.  You can find everything organized in subcategories under each category.

Subcategories under KidSteals
Navigating through the website is really easy. You search, sort the items as you please to help find what you are looking for, add whatever you want to your cart and then proceed to check out.

Like every shopping website you need to create an account with your information to be able to check out. Something that I liked a lot was that I could create my new account by just registering with any of these profiles: Google+, Facebook, Paypal or email/password.

Since I am a bit lazy and can't seem to keep up with more passwords, I registered with my Google+ account and that was it. After creating your account you proceed to check out. You will be guided with clear instructions of what to do in order to complete your purchase. You can choose from two payment methods: PayPal or credit card.

Kiddo choose what he wanted: 2 Automoblox Mini Sportscar (he insisted to get two of the same…. ugh, kids) and a pack of Ouchies Bandages (Ouchies donates 100% profit to Pediatric Cancer Charities).

And guess what? They ship to Canada and Australia :) I know a lot of people from Canada and Australia that frequently get frustrated because they can't get some products from the US since stores won't ship there, but does. When you check out you have the option to choose United States, Canada or Australia as country. After typing your shipping address you will find one of the following options to choose your shipping rate:

Flat Rate 5 - 10 bus. days  $2.99 
3-6 bus. days                          $10.99
Utah Local Pick-Up          Free

5 - 10 bus. days (duty/tax prepaid)           $10.74 
USPS 1st Class Intl (up to 35 bus. days)  $13.20

USPS 1st Class Intl (up to 35 bus. days)  $17.95 
USPS Priority Intl (up to 12 bus. days)    $45.00

You will be able to review and choose your preferred shipping rate before finalizing your purchase during check out. We have a US address and chose the $2.99 Flat Rate. We received the items in 5 business days :)

After purchasing your items you will be able to access your orders any time from your Account Settings. From your account settings you will also be able to access your profile, payment methods, all that borings typical stuff, buuuuut there is something else. When you visit you will notice this little fella':

And that little ($) symbol means STEAL POINTS (*happy face*happy dance*).

You accumulate Steal Points by checking daily steals (you have to click on the steal and view each one, there are 4 steals daily) and purchasing merchandise. After you accumulate enough, you can redeem these Steal Points to buy more merchandise (100 points = $1.00).

How awesome is that?!?! It took me by surprise when I started to see the number increase. So, not only you can purchase merchandise at great prices, you can earn points which then basically convert into cash when you accumulate enough!

In conclusion we had an amazing experience shopping for the first time on Everything was easy to understand and we found great prices. I compared the prices of the products Kiddo chose and had some of the best offers online for them. For customer service there is a contact form, a really useful Live Chat on the website, and FAQ sheet where you can find answers to some of the question you may have. 

Comparison examples (compared to because it is the most popular online shop and who normally has "better deals"): ships within 24 hours of receiving your order and the package will arrive within the time stipulated on the website (depending on the shipping option you chose, of course). I would recommend everyone to go check the website out and browse through all the categories. You will definitely find something you like at an unbeatable price. 

Here is what Kiddo got from

He has been playing non-stop with his cars and makes me carry the Ouchies in my purse for any accidents all the time ;)

If you have any questions about our shopping experience let us know and we will be happy to answer them for you. 

Happy shopping!


  1. I love these types of deal websites. I'm not sure how it is that I've never hear of this one before now. I will definitely be checking it out.

    1. I know right? Since I learned from it I've been checking it EVERY SINGLE day! You should definitely check it out!

  2. Great brands that I can depend on and I love how sleek and simple it is...LOVE! I sometimes get lost on some of the deal sites.

    1. Couldn't say it better. I normally don't visit some "discount/big deal" sites because they are complicated and full of spammy stuff (or at least that is how it looks like to me). This one is appealing and clean/simple. Yes, I love it too!

  3. What a cute site. I can see how this would be convenient for parents. I don't have any kids (nor do I plan on having any) so I would need to check out what they have to offer plus size women.

    1. Yes, check it out! They have a great selection of women's clothing and shoes :)

  4. That looks like a great site. I am usually quite wary of deals sites as so many seem spammy. It is useful to read about other's experiences. Thanks for posting such a thorough review.

    1. Same here, that's why this one surprised me with how clean and modern it is, with no ads all over!

  5. These are the type of deals that I love sharing with my readers and I am so happy that you shared this with us

  6. I also love online shopping! It’s so much easier than going to the mall lol. I’ve heard of this website before. Man their shipping rates are awesome! I can roll with $2.99 for the USA. Those steal points are really cool!

    1. Yes, you can't beat the low prices and the $2.99 shipping!

  7. Ohhh yay! A new site for me to stalk! Thanks so much.

    1. No problem! I stalk it every day 🙊🙊🙊🙊

  8. I saw some great stuff on their sites when I was cracking them out. My daughter would want two of the same too. LOL I love that they ship to Canada. I, like you, know a lot of Canadians who get frustrated with shipping.