Monday, August 17, 2015

Fun in the Sun with KoolSupply Outdoors Blanket

Kiddo likes to play outside all of the time. After not seeing daddy for a week, Kiddo was excited to finally have some time with him this weekend. Daddy and I took Kiddo to a park. He rode his bike, played in the playground and then sat with us on the grass to take a rest and have some snacks.

I am allergic to grass. Weird, right? Whenever my skin is in contact with a particular type of grass for an extended period of time, I get an itchy rash all over my body. Now I don't have that problem anymore thanks to our new Outdoors (Picnic in our case) Blanket from Kool Supply.

Thanks to Kool Supply's Outdoors Blanket I had the chance to enjoy our little picnic in the park with Kiddo and Daddy, with no itchy allergies. This outdoors blanket is made out of Polyester (Water Resistant) on the top and PVC (Water Proof) on the bottom. It measures 70" x 56", perfect for our family. My favorite feature of this picnic blanket is that it folds into a small pouch and even Kiddo was able to carry it for us on our way to the park. Not that he needed to, because when it is folded, the picnic blanket has its own carrying handle for easy transportation :) 

We got to the park, looked for a shaded spot with view to the playground and opened our picnic blanket. 

Not even 5 minutes after, Daddy was already taking a nap on it, you know, for testing purposes for this review…. *wink*

As you can see, my husband (5'11") fits in this blanket perfectly. He was pretty happy about having this blanket because now he can take naps when we are outdoors without the fear of getting his clothes all dirty! 

Oh, talking about dirty... The ground was all wet from the irrigation system and as we predicted, whenever we pressed the blanket against the ground it got dirty. All I needed to clean this picnic blanket was the baby wipes I had in our backpack. Wipe it down and it is clean. Love it!

(a broom/brush work just fine for dry and loose sediments)

Big blanket, compact storage and easy to clean? What else can you ask for? 

This blanket is our new MUST item for our outdoors adventures. We already used it for the park, but the he Kool Supply Outdoors Blanket would work great for the beach too. The sand runs off easily by just lifting one side of the blanket. We're definitely going to take it with us for our trip to Puerto Rico this Fall. 

The colors of this blanket are wonderful and they remind me of the island's (PR) beaches: green as the palm trees, blue as the sky and the beautiful aqua colors of the water. 

Next adventure is going to be camping in couple of weeks, so stay around and you'll see how it worked out there :)

Wanna have it? Go to the following link and your can purchase it from 


  1. This does look like it would be a great item to have. I think I would use it at both the park and the beach(not that I get to the beach very often but it would be nice for when we do)

    1. Same here lol! We don't got to the beach that much, but when we do this is a must. I HATE sand with a passion and this blanket is great and easy to clear from the sand!

  2. I would love to have this item it would be great to take to the park and the looks great to carry

  3. I so want this blanket! This would be good for my mom when she goes to the casino/racetrack (not exactly kid stuff I know) but it would give her a bit of a barrier from the benches at the racetrack part so she can watch the horses without worrying about getting her clothes stained.

  4. What a great idea. It looks like it fits into a bag nicer than some blankets. It looks attractive and comfy too! I like the colors.

  5. You always take the best pictures! That outdoor blanket is super cute! I adore the colors. The handle would make it perfect for picnics and outdoor events! I’d definitely carry this along for a music festival.

  6. These blankets are so perfect. I have a similar one but not in such a great color and design as yours.

  7. I love outdoor blankets! And what a cute pattern. Love that it fits in a child's backpack.