Thursday, August 27, 2015

Family Fun: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Boy, oh boy! My kiddo had a blast couple of days ago after we visited Six Flags. As you may or may not know, Six Flags is well known for being an amusement parks filled with thrill rides, super fast roller coasters and even animal attractions. There are 16 Six Flags parks around the United States (including water parks), plus one in Mexico and one in Canada. (Check if there is a Six Flags near you, here: Park Locator)

View from the parking lot
We live in California, Northern California to be exact. So our closest park is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

The first time I hear about Six Flags I immediately thought that the parks were only for adults, so when I had my kid I never though of it as a destination for us because he was little. Well, I was wrong. When I moved to NorCal and started researching for places to take Kiddo I learned that Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was a destination that the ENTIRE family would enjoy.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom offers rides and evens for all ages. You will be able to find Thrill Rides, Family Rides, Kids Rides, Animal Attractions, Animal Encounters, Food and Shopping.

The parking lot is huge and you can choose to walk to the entrance gates or take a trolley that takes you from the parking lot to the entrance. Kiddo decided to walk, because there is a little bridge that he saw and wanted to cross haha!

The first thing Kiddo did when we got through the gates was to get a map! He immediately asked to go to the Shark Experience. We went in through a dark entrance that took us to a walk-through tunnel where we were able to see live sharks for the first time!

Kiddo was amazed!

Sharks are just some of the great animals that you can see at Discovery Kingdom, there are tigers, lions, cougars, walrus, seals, reptiles and penguins. In addition to those exhibits there are animal encounters where you can interact with other animals: butterfly habitat with lots of different butterflies, elephant rides, you can feed giraffes and seals, there is also a session with trained dolphins, and Kiddo's new favorite: being able to touch the rays.

After the animal attractions we went to Looney Tunes Seaport. That was like a dream come true for Kiddo. He was excited because all the rides were for kids. Fun rides, not lame rides! They had swings, trains, airplanes, helicopters, roller coasters, bouncy seats, lots of fun rides!

Trilla Gorilla

Sylvester's Pounce & Bounce

Frog Hopper
Congo Queen
Air Penguin 
After couple of hours of jumping around from ride to ride we decided to take a break and have lunch. Our FAVORITE food in Six Flags is: chicken tenders with french fries! Yum! Food is a bit expensive, but at least it is really, really, good! We also got the red mug that day you pay for the red mug and get free refills all day long, and then 99 cents refills for the rest of the season. There is also a green mug for people that frequent the park more that is a bit ore expensive but has free refills for the entire season. Oh, and since Kiddo doesn't drink soda, we bought him a frozen strawberry lemonade and he LOVED it! (That's why his mouth looks red on the photo below)

We watched the awesome divers while we waited for our food and then it was mommy and daddy's time for the thrill rides! I went directly to my favorite: Vertical Velocity (V2). V2 takes you from zero to 63 mph in just 4 seconds! INTENSE! I love it!

Vertical Velocity
And thanks to the kid swap program, our family of three was able to enjoy the thrill rides with no problem. The Kid Swap Program lets your group enjoy thrill rides without the need to get separated. The entire group goes in line, the split in to groups: one group rides first while the other watches the kids, then they switch. No need to go in line twice. It is awesome! I went first, then hubby and I swapped the Kiddo and he rode.

Have you ever gotten on a ride that, from start to finish, makes you laugh uncontrollably? That was Roar for me. The wood structure, the loud sounds and how awfully awesome it was made me laugh always. Sadly, Roar closed the 16th of august for ever :( But I am glad I got to ride it for a last time before it closed!

There are more thrill rides in the park like Superman, Medusa and Kong, but we decided not to ride to let Kiddo have the entire day for himself :)

After a full day of rides and walking the entire park, off we went to cool off to the Seaside Junction where Kiddo had a blast and was the perfect way to end our day. After playing in the water, we went to the parking lot and at the first turn Kiddo was already asleep.

And my personal favorite: 

We had an amazing day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the staff is really friendly, fun and responsible when it comes to attractions, food is delicious, bathrooms are clean, rides have their signs with height limits and precautions visible. We definitely enjoyed every single thing in the park. Adults and kids, both had fun! We are definitely a Six Flags family now and that won't change over any other theme park. Six Flags Loyal! :D

After spending the entire day at the park here are some of my recommendations:
1. Even though the park doesn't let you bring food, bring a backpack and pack some little snacks for your kids and water too. Also sunscreen, extra outfits, baby wipes and a hat.
2. During the morning all the kids rides are going to be FULL, so as soon as you get into the park get a map and check the schedule for entertainment. Go to the animal attractions first, then to the kid areas.
3. Eat at non-traditional times to avoid long lines. Try to have lunch at 2:00-3:00pm.
4. Buy tickets online. Two reasons: you get discounts and you avoid the ticket line.
5. Plan to go on a weekday when the park is open the entire week. If not, any weekend during the fall/spring season when students aren't off school *wink*. Check the Discovery Kingdom park hours HERE.

If you have any questions about our experience at Six Flags let us know! :)

Special thanks to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for providing complimentary tickets for us to facilitate this review. We are truly thankful for that!


  1. Looks like your kiddo had an awesome time. That Superman ride looks insane! I can't do the coasters at all!

  2. It's been a few years since we've been to a 6 Flags and boy do I miss it! The scarier the rollercoaster, the better! At least, it used to be that way.. I'm getting older now and get motion sickness just in the car, lol.

  3. My goodness, I am so jealous right now! It looks like you guys had a blast!! I remember when we had Jazz Land (I'm in New Orleans, LA), but unfortunately it was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina and now 10 years later it's still a ghost town without anything being re-built as of this moment. I hope to be able to enjoy an amusement park again some day though!

  4. I love Six Flags! We live within driving distance to Six Flags Over Georgia. I have worked with them in the past and they are great to work with. My usually overly cautious daughter LOVES to ride anything and everything she is tall enough for. She is finally over 42 inches so net time we go will be a TON of fun!

  5. I've never been to six flags. It looks like so much fun. I like the pictures. It looks like a fun mix of entertainment and learning.

  6. This looks like so much fun! I was the same as you and assumed Six Flags was mostly for adults. I definitely want to take my kiddos next time we visit my bro in Cali. And, I'm totally jealous right now.

  7. Your kiddos are lucky yuou take them. I lived 40 minutes from one my whole life, and my mother never took me...except it did have a safari and we would drive through there about once a year.. I have never taken my daughter, but I have taken my oldest when he was her age and he loves six flags.

  8. Wow.. look like you guys had a great time. I love the rides and my closest 6 flags in is chicago. I haven't been there yet..

  9. I didn't get a chance to go to Six Flags this summer. I can see what I missed. I need to plan a trip next summer with my family. Thanks for sharing.