Monday, August 31, 2015

Baby Shower Gift Guide

Someone you know is having a baby? I know how overwhelming coming up with gift ideas for a baby shower can be, so here are some for you. All these will sure be used by the baby during his first year of life or even more.

I broke the categories down by price range. Remember to always add items with different price tags to your registry, so your guests have more options and feel more comfortable buying from your registry.

Let's get started!

Less than $10

- pacifiers & pacifier clips
- baby wipes
- teething toys
- onesies & side snap shirts
- burp-clothes
- bibs
- socks
- clothes hangers
- spoons


Less than $25

- back seat mirror
- bottles
- drying rack
- sleep sack
- wubbanub
- diapers
- hooded towels & washcloths
- health and grooming kit
- bath time essentials
- swaddle blankets
- bed sheets (for play yard or crib)
- nursing pillow

Less than $50

- rock and play
- bouncy seat
- highchair
- diaper pail
- bathtub
- gym mat


 More than $50

- play yards
- baby carrier
- travel system
- baby monitor
- crib with mattress


Don't forget about mommy. She is going to be tired, so spoil her a little with any of these:

- lactation cookies (or any sweet goodies)
- Starbucks GC
- Target GC
- frozen meals
- offer a free baby sitting duty overnight (so she can sleep an entire night)
- massage

Did I miss something? Let me know some of your favorite baby gifts on a comment below :)


  1. I love making up large gift baskets (from laundry baskets or in a wagon) and I always add a few of these types of items along with a few things for mom as well. I think a lot of people forget that mom deserves a little something sometimes too. So I would probably add a section of gifts for the expectant momma like a lotion, a good book, or a nice scented bath gel or small gift basket. Just to show her that she's important too. :)

    1. I have never made a basket. Thanks for the mommy gift ideas. I wish I got some of those when I gave birth. Since Kiddo was born I disappeared from my family's brains lol

  2. One of my best friends has her baby shower coming up. I can't wait! I will be keeping these gift ideas in mind

    1. Aww congrats to the new mama! Hope this guide can help a bit <3

  3. This list came just in time. One of cousins is having his second child and the baby shower is two months away and I haven't even thought of a gift yet! I think I will start with the under $50 suggestions and maybe a GC as an add-on. Never considered the GC before.

  4. I love your gift list ideas! I always try to get once slight more expensive gift and a few smaller things, like the socks. They roll up and make the cutest little "roses" to decorate the wrapped gift!

  5. Very fun idea, especially for gift baskets! Everything is so cute. I love that your guide is separated into price categories. It makes it easier to navigate.