Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Baby Gifts: Baby Sling #Mamaway

*I received the product for testing purposes in exchange of my honest review. Although the product was free opinions are 100% my own.

I am a big fan of baby wearing! When Kiddo was a newborn, my stepdad gave me a ring sling as a gift. Three years later I still have it and I love it! As always, we are thinking about Kiddo 2.0 who will be born in November and, of course, I wanted Mommy 2.0 to have a ring sling to wear that baby <3

And the ring sling that is going to be in Kiddo 2.0's Baby Gift Box is the Mamaway Baby Sling.

Ring slings are a great way to bond with baby skin-to-skin, and the Mamaway baby sling has many features that I love:

1. It is easy to use and adjust (easy to learn too)
2. It is compact when stored (it has a pouch to store)
3. Many carrying positions (my recommendations are front, side, back)
4. Can hold heavy babies (it is tested to hold up to 100 pounds for 24 hours straight)
5. Material is cotton fabric (good for any climate)
6. Measures 76 inches long x 30 inches wide on on its widest point (great for different mommy sizes :) )
7. Machine washable.

As you can see Kiddo 1.0 is demonstrating 2 of the many ways to carry with the ring sling: front carry and back carry. With baby (or kangaroo) high enough to kiss his head. If you notice there is a red logo on Kiddo's shoulder. That logo will let you know if you are wearing the sling correctly. The logo must always be on the shoulder, not below or behind. A great feature for the users.

Always keep the back panel without any twists on the fabric. 
If you notice there is a red logo on my kid's shoulder. That logo will let you know if you are wearing the sling correctly. The logo must always be on the shoulder, not too low or behind. A great feature for its users. The carrier feels really sturdy and the fabric is good for any climate as I mentioned. The rings are plastic (unlike other slings' that are steel or wood), but they are really thick an feel secure.

Remember to always keep the back panel without any twists on the fabric and have your baby in a seating position (knees higher than bum) for a proper wear. Also, the are of the rings that rests on your shoulder must cover your entire shoulder, that is the correct way for it to work and distribute the weight correctly, plus it helps keep the shape and not get twisted.

I also noticed that the upper part of the panel, had extra padding on the sides. You can see where the arrows are pointing on the photo below (they point the seams). Those are the ones that have the extra padding and you won't see them on the rest of the fabric. They are great for my shoulders/back area.

The Mamaway Baby Sling is made out of cotton fabric, measures 76 inches long x 30 inches wide on on its widest point, and it can hold babies from 7 lbs to 50 lbs. As you can see I can wear my 35 lbs toddler, and he is happy and comfortable, and I am too.


Rings are normally metal, but this sling's rings are hard plastic, so they won't rust if you take the carrier to the beach or anything.

Oh and this sling comes in a variety of colors that are to die for. The one in my photos is the Chocolate Mint Ice Cream and I also love the Red Anchors.

By the way, another BIG BIG thing for me is customer service. After opening the chocolate mint ring sling I noticed a small rip in one of the seams, and it was coming undone. Concerned about how this could affect the safety of a baby in the sling I contacted customer service, explained what was happening, sent them photos as proof and they immediately took action. They sent me a new ring sling that was completely fine with zero flaws.

I love when a company has great customer service, it makes customers trust them and feel more comfortable buying from them. They were as concerned as I was, and asked zero questions.

Overall I am loving this baby sling. This ring sling grows with baby, is durable, machine washable, and makes a wonderful gift for new parents, OBVIOUSLY! And I absolutely love when a company is concerned about your baby's safety, so that is a BIG PLUS for me.

If you would like to purchase the Mamaway Baby Sling go to by click on the following link: Mamaway Baby Sling

Seriously, all this baby talk is making me want to have a new baby. November needs to be here soon so I can calm my baby fever with Kiddo 2.0!

Remember, always research and get informed about the correct ways to carry a baby and the proper leg position. Like every product, if you use a product correctly it is going to be safe, but if you do not follow recommendations and give improper use it can harm your baby. Try to read from legit baby wearing sources.


  1. I don't have kids but this looks like a great sling for new moms. I also love the pic of your kid with the stuffed animal. Too cute!

  2. I'm not a momma but this looks like something many mothers could use. Your kid looks adorable carrying the stuffed animal in that sling! Too cute!

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