Thursday, July 2, 2015

Toddler Meals: Rice & Picadillo #rRecipe


Here is my first post for the Kiddo Approved Toddler Meals post series that I'll be publishing. I'll be showing you what I ate during the week and also share some kiddo approved recipes. 

Today I had one of my favorites: white rice with picadillo. Simple and delicious. You can totally see my happy face below :)

Picadillo is typically made with beef, but when there is no lean ground beef at the store mommy buys ground turkey, and it is as delicious. HERE is our picadillo recipe, the only thing mommy did differently was adding carrots and peas this time.

The rice? Well, mommy and daddy are from Puerto Rico, and puerto ricans eat rice with EVERYTHING! Haha! 

The rice was cooked in our Aroma Digital Rice Cooker. Just add the ingredients and press a button. Let it do its job and you will always have perfectly cooked rice. Jasmine rice is our favorite!

 So there you have it. An easy recipe that your kiddos will definitely like (at least I do). It contains vegetables and it is really flavorful. This recipe makes a great freezer meal too. The rice (cooked) and the meat freeze really well, perfect for busy parents. 

Picadillo Recipe Link


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