Saturday, July 25, 2015

Surprise Toy: SmartMax Express #Smartmax #SmartToysandGames

*I received the product for testing purposes in exchange of my honest review. Although the product was free opinions are 100% my own.

If you are a fan of smart and learning play, you are going to love SmartMax Magnetic Discovery by Smart Toys and Games.

Smart Toys and Games makes some of the most awesome logic and brain stimulating toys and games for ages from three (3) to ninety-nine (99), or older, I bet! I had the chance to test their SmartMax Magnetic Discovery, Express, a toy suitable for ages 3 and up, that help the little ones discover how magnetism works while they have fun building trucks, cars or trains out of the 15 pieces that come with the set.

The SmartMax Express includes one (1) long bar,  two (2) short bars, six (6) pair of wheels, two (2) cockpits, two (2) containers and two (2) metal balls. Pieces come in the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue.

The bars have magnets on their ends which makes you able to connect one with another. You can also use the metal balls to connect the bars and this will make it easier for the truck and trains to take turns :)

The wheels, cockpits and containers come with clips that attach securely to the bars. You will hear a "click" when they are placed correctly.

All the pieces of the Express Set are big enough for small children to grab easily. They are made out of a strong plastic, that to tell you the truth looks like it is indestructible because my kiddo created "robots" that fight and they come out of those fights without a single scratch.

The wheels roll smoothly, they are actually rubber wheels and not plastic. That is one of our favorite things about them, they do not slip on our hardwood floors, so the cars always ride straight where you want them to go.

Now for kiddo's rating:

The KiddoMeter reads: Kiddo likes it A LOT!

The SmartMax Express is a great toy that can be purchased as a primary set or as an add-on for the SmartMax collection. Regardless if this is the first toy or not from that collection, your kiddo will have lots of fun and will get a kick out of it.  I love that this toy doesn't have a ton of pieces, yet you can create a lot of different vehicles with them. The fact the they can learn about magnetism from a toy is a great thing for us nerdy parents. They will notice how some bars stick together and how they can also repel each other. Kiddo Mike has been sticking the bars to every single metal in the house too: door knobs, dishwasher, table legs, cars, garage door rails, bikes, mail boxes… ok, you get it. It has been like discovering the world for him "why do they stick, but when I turn this one around I cannot make them stick anymore?" It is amazing how easy it is for them to learn when they are having fun! I have enjoyed watching Kiddo Mike being creative and learning about magnetism with the SmartMax Express. And it will keep being that way for a long time because this toy is durable, its materials makes it an indestructible toy for our kiddo.

The SmartMax Express set makes a great gift for any occasion for kids 3 year old and up. It is never too early to start the Christmas shopping, so here is an idea! (This toy will join our Christmas Gift Guide for Kiddos this year)

You can see the entire SmartMax collection by visiting heir website SmartMax USA. You can also visit Smart Toys and Games on to learn more about the other products they offer.

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  1. I don't have kids but I can definitely see this being a fun toy for kids. What child wouldn't want to play with magnetic toys? I still know adults who would like this toy, lol!

  2. Wow this looks like so much fun.. We have something similar but ours is different shapes!!

  3. Toys just keep getting better and better! My youngest is 14 now, but he would have loved playing with this! I have a nephew about the right age though, so I'll have to check these out for him!


  4. Oh so cool! I can't wait to start playing with toys like this with my son. He is 16 months old and already loves cars, trucks, and anything that goes vroom.

  5. Building things is always a lot of fun - and more interesting than a regular toy. The SmartMax Express looks like it would make an amazing gift for a little one!

  6. This looks great! It would be perfect for my daycare kiddos. I love that it doesn't seem to have smaller pieces.

  7. How cool! I love that it connects with balls (which my kids love playing with those too!). These look pretty fun. My daughter is currently trying to roll a dump truck across my hands as I'm writing this, so she will for sure love it!

  8. How cool it looks! I feel like buying one for These toys keep getting better and better and make me wish to be a child again!

  9. That looks so fun! I love magnetic connecting toys. That one looks pretty cool, I love the colors. Your son is so cute also.

  10. I love how easy these are to build. What a great exercise for kids. This is seriously a genius idea for kids this age. I love how much your little one loves the magnets! I’m an adult and I stick magnets to everything too lol

  11. I do not have kids yet but I can see my niece and nephews enjoying this. Never bought a magnetic toy before but it sure looks fun to play with and easy to grasp for kids. Will be checking them out soon someone birthday about to come up!

  12. These are so neat! My boys would have loved them when they were little and we could have used them in homeschooling. They would be great for teaching about magnetism, teaching fine motor skills, construction and engineering, creativity. Nifty!!