Friday, September 18, 2015

Surprise Toy: Race Case #HotWheels #Mattel

Well, it is Monday! And today we have a Surprise Toy!

I've been watching YouTube videos about kids playing with their amazing racetracks and cars for a long time, and I've been begging for toys like that! So, mommy finally found something that she felt fit in with our lifestyle (travelers) and our budget.

My surprise today was the Hot Wheels Race Case. 

Photo shows everything that is included in the Hot Wheels Race Case.

To see how I reacted to the surprise, please watch the video below. (Seriously, you will see the many faces of this kiddo in the first 2 minutes of that video, it is hilarious) You will also see me playing with it, so you will learn how to open, close it and launch the cars.

OK! Here is a summary about why mommy decided to buy it:

1. Portable
2. Not too many pieces
3. Side by side dual launcher
4. Includes two (2) Hot Wheels' cars and two (2) small ramps
5. Stores up to 12 cars inside
6. Connects with other Hot Wheels race tracks (sold separately)
7. No batteries required
8. Price under $10.00!

I think it passed mommy's test.

Let's begin with how easy it is to open and close. The Hot Wheels Race Case has two (2) clips on the blue cover that lock the case closed, and a handle for carrying. The material is plastic and feels really sturdy, and the colors are bright. The dimensions of the case when it is closed are about 8.5" x 5" x 7.5" and it weighs less than a pound (without any cars inside, only the two cars included). Those measurements make the Race Case a perfect choice for travel. 

I love the race case launcher's mechanism. It works with a rubber band that attaches to the back of the track. If it breaks or you lose it you can always replace it and the race track will work just fine. There are three settings for launch force that you control and it is not difficult to pull the launcher back. Even I could do it and I am only three (3) years old!

The ramps are also easy to connect and stay in place all the time.

When you open your case to convert it into a track, the blue cover can be used as a garage, where the cars wait for their turn to be launched. It looks really cool!

Now to the KiddoMeter!

KiddoApproved rated the Hot Wheels Race Case…...


I have had so much fun with this race track and I love it. It is my first and I am not disappointed. The Hot Wheels Race Case is a perfect toy for any occasion and a great addition for travelers like us. You can take it everywhere with you (doctor's appointments, friend's house, hotels, airports) because of its compact design and light weight. This also works as storage (store more than 12 cars!!), doesn't require batteries, includes 2 cars (so there is no need to buy additional), 2 short ramps and can connect to other Hot Wheels Racetracks. 

Oh, and our favorite part: the PRICE! Under $10.00! 

The Hot Wheels Race Case will definitely come with me to our family vacation and it will also be included in this year's kid's holiday gift guide!

What do you think about this toy? Leave me a comment with your thoughts after watching the video and reading the review.

Happy racing!


  1. How fun is this?! I really like how it can be compact and portable, that is a major bonus in my book. I can't stand those toys that you have to leave up and they take up like 5 feet in radius of space :(

    1. I am right there with you! I can only stand racetracks because I play with them more than my kid! hahaha

  2. I'm thinking about how much I would have loved this as kid. I was a bit of tomboy as a child. I wish I knew of this a couple of years when my nephew was still into stuff like this. He would have gone crazy for it! My sister would have loved how easy it is to work with and the portability of it.

    1. #TeamTomboy! I am the same way, since a young age. I preferred GI Joes rather than Barbies, and loved to play in the dirt with my cousins!

      Oh and this toy, I am still amazed! It is definitely going with us in the plane for our next trip. We will be racing cars in the airport haha

  3. That looks so cute. My 5 year old daughter recently started getting into cars. She would love this. And can't beat that price

    1. That's great! And yes, I love great toys at great prices! Hot Wheels are always in our Christmas lists (and I allow them) because they are durable and affordable!

  4. Love the pictures, self-explanatory post i would say!! nice video, he looks so adorable!! :)
    This looks like a great deal for this price,..

  5. Oh my goodness! My boys would have loved this when they were little. I can't tell you how often we had Hot Wheels track all over the house! Looks like a lot of fun and for a good price!