Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baby Gifts: Silicone Train Teether #GenieBest #TrainTeether

*I received the product for testing purposes in exchange of my honest review. Although the product was free opinions are 100% my own. 

I don't know if you all knew, but there will be a new product tester joining Kiddo Approved. A baby boy due in November. Kiddo 2 will be our main tester for baby products. We are going to travel to Puerto Rico to meet him and we cannot wait!

So, like a good cousin and auntie, we're going to make a special baby gift for Kiddo 2.0 (yeah we are going to spoil him, but just a tiny bit). And one of the items that will be part of that amazing gift is the Genie Best Red Train Teether.

The Genie Best Train Teether is a soft and non-toxic toy for infants to chew on. It is made out of high quality food grade silicone (meets US and European standards), so it is safe for baby. The texture on the back of the teether helps babies "scratch" those gums when chewing and the size is just right for little hands to grab. Oh, and they are also freezer safe if your little one prefers cold toys.

Genie Best offers different designs and colors: red train, green train, mint hippo and violet hippo. The colors are all vibrant and really attractive for young eyes. What about germs? Well, these Genie Best teething toys are dishwasher safe and heat resistant, you can kiss the germs bye bye.

And not only you get your train or hippo teether, with your purchase you will also receive a silicone donut ring with a string that you can wear as a necklace. Better yet, Genie Best will include a little gift bag with your purchase (WHAT? teether, necklace, donut ring AND A BAG? YES!) Perfect baby gift for new parents.

Let's be real. All babies need teething toys when they hit certain age. Kiddo 1.0 got his first two teeth when he was only 3 months old, so our teething stage started really early (although he was never a whiny/fussy baby). I always made sure to have some teething toys on hand (and added some to my baby registry).

The majority of new parents always forget about the little details for baby registry items. Teethers are a MUST in every baby registry, because they are one of the things that are going to be used for sure! No matter when, but teethers are going to be used at certain point. So, if you are a soon to be parent don't forget to add some teething toys to your baby registry.

To complete it all. Genie Best offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, and their customer service is excellent! What else can you ask for?

Thanks Genie Best, you are the first item going to our Baby Gift Box for Kiddo 2.0!

Want to purchase one? You totally can by visiting the following link: Genie Best Red Train Teether

And if you want to try your luck! Check out their blog for fun giveaways:

*NOTE: Remember to never leave a baby unattended. Always wash and sanitize toys with boiling water before the first use and let the teether cool down before handing it to baby. Since this is a silicone teether, dirt seems to stick to it really easy, so if your baby drops it wash it really good before handing it back.


  1. These are very cute teething toys for a baby, and silicone is one of my favorite materials. They are so easy to clean.

  2. What a cute gift idea for new parents! I really love the necklace idea, I bet that comes in handy!


  3. These silicone teethes are adorable. I love the designs and the fact that they are textured. I think they would make a great baby shower present or new baby present.

  4. Those teethers are really cute. They look like one of those things parents of babies can never have too many of. Great shower gift idea!

  5. So precious! Are y'all planning kiddo 2.0 or are you currently preggo and I missed your post? :)

    1. I wish we could have another baby. It won't happen for a long time :(

      BUT we have a kiddo 2.0 joining the Kiddo Approved family in November, Kiddo's cousin :)

  6. These are so cute. I have a friend having a baby soon. I'll keep these in mind.

  7. Those are adorable designs. I love the train. I like that there are different design options too.

  8. The teething toy design is so cute. There are so many different designs and types available these days making it so difficult to choose from. These would make great gift for my friends with new born or slightly younger :)

  9. I would have loved a teether like this when my kids were little. I have given some as gifts and moms love these things!

  10. These are adorably cute! I wish i had known about them when my daughter needed these!