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Traveling with a Toddler - Part I: Entertainment #Travel #TravelingTips

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Well, hello there!

This is my first blog post for the Traveling with a Toddler post series. Mommy was just getting some plane tickets and I thought: "hmm why don't I talk about what keeps me busy while we travel on the blog as first post?". Anyway mommy needs to get a reminder, plus this is one of my favorite things to do: travel!

Not to brag, but every time I travel with my parents people compliment them about my great behavior during flights. *insert angel face here*

Want to know the trick?

**********(say your answer out loud)***********

See? I knew you would! So today I am going to reveal the secret to successfully traveling with a toddler (or at least reveal what works for my parents and myself) in this post! I want you all to know, this post is not about "what to pack when traveling with a toddler", this is a post about what works to keep little ones like me happy, comfortable and entertained while traveling. So it is not a full packing list.

I added images and links so you can see and learn more about the products I like if you are interested. Just click on the photos or links and it will open a new window on their Amazon page so you can read the description and see prices.

Let's start!

1. Kiddo Bag. First of all, I wanted my own suitcase. My parents bought me the Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage, Dog. Not only this was fun for me ('cause it made me feel like a big boy), but it helped by keeping my things organized, plus my suitcase fit under the airplane seat so there was no need for my parents to get out of their seats to get me toys or snacks. The suitcase has zippers and wheels that are smooth, and it comes with a strap on the back of the bag (called the parent strap) perfect for parents to carry it comfortably if us little ones get tired. The Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage also comes with a big main compartment, a front zipper pocket and a side mesh pocket.

2. Portable DVD player with headphones and NEW movies. (iPads instead of DVD players work just fine, we just don't own one) This was one of my favorite things. My parents bought me some new movies so I would be interested the entire time. Any portable DVD player, with long lasting battery (and cable to charge it between flights at the airport) is a must. 

The headphones mommy got me were really comfortable they are the Kidz Geard Wired Headphones for Kids and they even come with an independent volume limit cable to regulate the volume so little guys like me don't turn it up too loud and hurt our ears. Of course, if you are a bit fancy you can buy the wireless headphones, but these worked just fine for me. 

3. Toys. I know not everyone can afford new toys, but you can always find some great toys from thrift stores or borrow from a friend. Another thing that can work is: get some books and toys from what your kiddos already have and hide them. Store them away and take them out exclusively the day of the trip. Kids will forget about the toy and that way they will be interested again in it during the trip. Mommy always packs toys are are not noisy. She always tells me to think about other people that would like to rest during the flights. I like to sleep during flights and I sleep better when there are no sounds disturbing :)

Here are some suggestions: Rush Hour Game,  coloring books (Crayola Color Wonder collection is great since their markers only paint on the Color Wonder books, they do not paint any other surface. Woohoo for no messes!), reusable stickers (they are fun, compact to carry and good for quiet play), Spot It! on the Road game, peg puzzles (hey, don't judge. I was only a baby when mommy brought those), travel doodle. Some others can be books, cards (like UNO), game apps if your kiddos are interested on iPads, but always try to bring toys that do not have small pieces since they can get lost of easily fall.


4. Snacks. LOTS of snacks! It doesn't matter if you travel by air or ground us kiddos will always be hungry. Now, I know there are some restrictions by TSA on liquids, but here is a list of what mommy always brings for me. Remember to always notify at the security check point before starting the screening that you have these items and take them out of your bag for additional screening. I would also recommend to bring empty (cheap) sippy cups to fill with water or juice after passing the security check point. (*to check TSA guidelines go here:

- food pouches
- graham crackers (any crackers or cookies work, pack your favorites)
- granola bars
- individually wrapped cheese
- cereal (cheerios are my fave)
- gummy bears (great for chewing during take off and landing)
- sandwiches
- carton milk
- juice box
- water (only if you buy it after security check point)

AND Ziploc bags are your best friends! I recommend the freezer ones because they are thicker and will hold up best.

5. Comfortable outfits and some extras. Yep, I won't go anywhere if I am not comfortable. Specially if I don't have some soft pants. Yes, pants. I need soft fabric for long trips (no jeans, waist buttons, zippers). That way I feel free and comfortable, like when I am at home. So forget about wanting us to look like celebrity fashion icons and start thinking about how to make it easier for kiddos like me to feel comfortable. Believe me, it is worth it :) I sometimes ask to wear pajamas and mommy says yes! Try to dress them up in layers if possible, easy to put on and off. Oh, and try to use  comfortable shoes with socks. No socks can lead to smelly feet and I don't like smelly anything other than food, so I guess other travelers would appreciate that lol

6. Lightweight Stroller: When I was a baby mommy would take my infant carseat, of course, and a snap n go. That way it was easier to stroll around the airport, it was compact, easy to fold and light to transport and we would have a stroller/and car seat at our destination. As a toddler I have traveled without strollers, but as an infant I always traveled with my infant car seat.

So that's about it! These are basically the magic behind my great behavior while traveling. And they all go in my CARRY-ON bag. Remember, this is what worked for ME. This is not a "what to pack" list either. You still need to add couple of other things for a full list for traveling: medicine, stroller, car seat, CARES system, diapers, wipes, breastfeeding cover if nursing, bottles, cups, plastic bags for dirty diapers, pacifiers… etc… the list is long. This post is about what made me happy, comfortable and kept me busy and quiet during trips. Another thing that worked great was that mommy let me walk around the airport while we waited for connections. It wore me out and I slept a lot during the flights.

To see our kid's packing list (with free printable) go to the second part of the post series below:

Traveling with a Toddler - Part II: Packing List

Also, if something else works for you, leave a comment with your recommendation. It could help me and another reader too!


  1. What excellent ideas! I love those child sized wheely-suitcases. Games and toys are always an essential when traveling with children. And comfy travel outfits are important for everyone!

  2. These are so cute. You sound like a very well-mannered and happy little guy!

    1. Well, thank you. I try my best (if I'm good mommy gives me a gummy bear) :)

  3. I love these tips! It can be tough traveling with a little one but I feel that if they are entertained and being fed, they are good to go!

    1. Looks like you already know the secret :) Thanks for stopping by!