Friday, June 26, 2015

Traveling with a Toddler - Part II: Packing List #Travel #TravelTips

For our second part of the Traveling with a Toddler post series we decided to share with you my full packing list (kid's packing list).

As I mentioned, we are travelers. We absolutely love to travel, and it doesn't mater where we go, mommy will always use the same packing list. And that is the list we are sharing with you today. 
(Printable version at the bottom of the post)

Ok, so, we are talking about kids, remember. Try to pack 2 outfits per day if you do not have laundry services. In our case, we will stay at grandma's house where we have laundry access. (Older kids won't need too many outfits per day, but young toddlers will)

When choosing outfits and accessories, always keep in mind the destination and season. We will be going to Puerto Rico and Florida during late fall. So, I'll pack according to that (tropical climate, with chilly nights and mornings)

*Note: This is a list for domestic flights. If you are traveling international you will need other items not listed here. If you are a United States citizen you DO NOT need a passport to visit Puerto Rico, so leave it at home, in a safe place.

Checked Bag


1 jacket
10 shirts
3 shorts
2 basketball shorts
2 long pants
3 pajamas
1 bathing suit
10 underpants
8 socks
1 crocs
2 shoes


1 hat
1 life jacket (for boat rides)


kiddo's toothpaste
medicine & vitamins 
- fever reducer 
- allergy medicine
diapers (if kiddo uses them)
triple antibiotic (travel first aid kit)



birth certificate or corresponding ID
insurance card, vaccination documents (just in case)
car seat
stroller (if needed)
baby carrier (optional)

Happy Kiddo Bag (check Traveling with a Toddler Part I for ideas)

sippy cups
toys / entertainment
1 or 2  clean outfits
portable changing pad, wipes and diapers
hand sanitizer

I added a printable version with additional spaces for each category. There is also an "extras" area where you can add any item not listed that you may need for your kiddo. Am I missing something important? comment below and I'll add it to the list :)

Safe Travels!

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  1. This is really helpful. I won't be fling or going terribly far but I will be traveling out of state with my little one very soon. We don't get to travel much so it's nice to have a checklist of the things we may forget about

    1. Thank you! Believe me, I think mommy uses a list even to take me to the gas station haha!