Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mini Churros #Recipe

Here it is! The first recipe we tested here in KiddoApproved. Perfect breakfast or dessert for kids to make for Fathers' Day!

It is Lil' Luna's Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Ups (or Mini Churros as we call them).

As all mommies probably do, my mommy is always looking for kid-friendly recipes for me. Do you happen to know why? Ha! I'll tell you. It is because every time she offers something I will always answer: "Mommyyy, Kiddo eats that aaaall the tiiiime", even if the last time I ate it was a month ago.

So she has to come up with different things in order for me to eat haha :)

Who wouldn't want to eat this, right?
This recipe from Lil' Luna is easy to follow, I was able to help, uses simple ingredients (regular bread, sugar, cinnamon, butter, cream cheese) and  can be served as breakfast or dessert (or both!). 

You can make it in a variety of flavors (the filling). It can be cream cheese, Nutella, chocolate, fresh fruit, fruits and cream, jelly…. you name it. We used cream cheese and I asked mommy for extra filling. You follow the recipe but have to add your touch, you know?! *wink*

These mini churros are so delicious you can eat them hot out of the oven, warm or even cold! Yes, even cold! They are that good! Every one in your family will love them.

So let's see:
1. Simple ingredients
2. Easy recipe
3. Kiddos can help
4. Fast cooking

What can I say? The Lil' Luna's Cream Cheese Roll Ups are……….

Kiddo Approved!

To see the entire recipe check Lil' Luna Cream Cheese Roll Ups.


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