Monday, June 29, 2015

Surprise Toy! LEGO Classic 10692 #LEGO

I got a gift couple of days ago. I had two reactions after I found out that it was a box of LEGO Classic Creative Bricks (#10692): the face every person (kid or adult) makes when they get a LEGO play set (left) and the face of "Ahhhh I love it so much" (right).

I know that you understand, because... who doesn't like LEGOs? 

As every kiddo, I have always been a fan of product packaging (boxes), but this is the first time I get "A GIANT LEGO BLOCK?" and it was "AWESOME!". I love when companies think about every detail, including the box where the product comes in; and not only because of the design, but the construction as well. It is sturdy for the kind of material and functional, it works as storage for the bricks. 

The LEGO Classic Creative Bricks 10692 are suitable for ages 4 to 99 ( I still don't understand why a 100 or 101 year old kiddo cannot play with it… but LEGO may have their reasons*wink*) I know I am only three, but my favorite bricks are the LEGO Classics because I can be more creative with them than with any other set that already has a theme to it. 

This box of LEGO Classic comes with 221 pieces (couple more, in fact). The colors are vibrant, and something that I like a lot is that the list of pieces and quantity are labeled on the outside of the box. So I'll be able to check what pieces are missing without needing the instructions manual. [Because, who are we kidding? kiddos (*cough* parents *cough*) always "store" the manuals so well that they never find them again. EVER.]

The manual has projects that you can easily make following the instructions in it. You can also go online and find more project ideas for free.

I am only three and I was able to make some of these by myself. Didn't make them all because my attention span is pretty short. After two projects I am done, and can't concentrate to follow steps anymore. My imagination though… that one can create lots of things for hours and keep going…


Anyway, who said that the correct way to play with LEGO is by just copying their ideas? Right, LEGO is about imagination and creativity so, I am fine :)

These are all the project you can make from the ideas on the printed manual and online. Everything with just ONE set of LEGO (Classic Creative Bricks 10692)

Sheep and Cow


Lighthouse and Sailboat

Pretty cool, right?

And now to the KiddoMeter…. The LEGO Classic Creative Bricks 10692 rated….

*******drumroll, please*******


which means that we LOVE the LEGO Classic Creative Bricks #10692 and it is KIDDO APPROVED!


This is the first LEGO Classic set I own and it exceeded my expectations. The variety of figures that you can create is great for the size of the box. I was really surprised by the fact that the figures did not share pieces, so I was able to build all of them at the same time without having to take pieces from one to use in another.

Oh! And did I mention that this set includes the Brick Separator? This little tool is something that you don't want to lose. It will be the only thing that will save you from insanity trying to separate thin bricks stuck together. Remember: DO NOT LOSE IT!

Like always, the quality of  LEGO is outstanding: sharp edges, vibrant colors, great variety of shapes, durable. I wish the set included a little figurine, but that is not a deal breaker. 

Needless to say, I've been playing with the LEGO Classic Creative Bricks non-stop. I can't wait to get more LEGO bricks and expand my collection. At first I thought that 221 were too many pieces, but after playing with it I think that there is no such thing as "too many pieces" when it comes to LEGO! I want more! 

The LEGO Classics make great gifts for any kiddo of any gender and any age. This will be the only gift they won't mind receiving every year and they will spend countless hours using it and having fun while they develop creative skills. 

For your convenience you can buy your LEGO sets online or you can even visit a LEGO store near you! 

There is also a park called LegoLand but I have never been there, I bet it is amazing! I'll start saving with my piggy bank and see if I can go soon. 

Oh! And a reminder for the kiddos: DO NOT forget to pick-up your LEGOs before going to bed. There is nothing more painful than stepping on a LEGO in the middle of the night :)

*This post was NOT sponsored by the brand LEGO, I purchased this product and shared my honest opinion about it.


  1. There is a lot of awesome about these. I don't have them but reading your post I think I need them. The box...awesome. The fact that the number f each piece is labeled on the box....also awesome. Brick separator...super awesome. I may have trouble sharing these with the kiddos. haha

  2. I love this review. The lighthouse is my favorite. Your son is just precious. What camera do have? I love your pictures!

    1. Aw thank you! Yes, the lighthouse is my favorite too!

      About the camera, I have a Canon T3, but the secret to any photo is the lighting (in my opinion). I always take pictures in front of my sliding door when the natural light is the brightest (normally between 5pm-7pm here). I take them inside because that's the only way I can make sure I have the amount of light I want without having problem with shadows :)

  3. Now that I see more of the legos, these ones are rather cool looking. I really love the cow - it's so adorable, along with the pencil and eraser. Now if these ones were available when I was younger, I would have definitely played with them!

    1. I know, right? They used to be boring without any shape other than a block. Now they are more fun! :)

  4. My grandchildren love their legos. I think they are a great thing that helps their small brains to be creative. My grandson has adhd and the legos helped him focus.

    1. Glad that the LEGOs have helped your grandson with his focus. I love how the LEGOs are help with the development of their creative skills while the kids still have fun!

  5. I love Legos! It is so cool that they make large sized Legos that are appropriate for very young children. It looks like her is having a great time.

  6. What precious pictures!! I love the “giant lego” boxes too! So cute! I am loving those bright pieces too.