Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Baby Registry Musts (Budget Friendly) #Pregnancy #Baby #BabyRegistry

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Let me start by telling you what inspired mommy to make this post.

My aunt is pregnant AND clueless. She has been calling mommy everyday since she found out she was expecting, asking what she needs for her registry. She likes to save, so she gave mommy an assignment: create her baby registry with just the essentials (and she wanted the list to be budget friendly).

Auntie called mommy because, mommy is a practical person. She always thinks about the functionality of a product first, rather than price or even trend. Oh, Beyonce got that for her baby? Good for her. But, that doesn't mean that you NEED it for yours. You get it, right?

Well, below, is a list of baby essentials for your registry that won't break the bank. With just these you will be able to take care of your newborn for the first weeks or months. Some people may agree with mommy, some people may think she is nuts, but the things listed below were the ONLY things she needed when I was born. And guess what? We both survived and I turned out fine haha!

Let's start!

*Note: Click on the images to see their price on Amazon.com.

Travel System: This is the first thing a pregnant lady searches for when she finds out she is expecting. You HAVE to have a carseat for your baby, that's not put to discussion, and you will always need a stroller at some point. When choosing a travel system make sure that you choose the one that matches your lifestyle. Always taking quality and functionality into consideration. We are outdoor lovers so we have an all-terrain stroller, but we also have a super cheap and light umbrella stroller that we keep in the trunk of the car in case I fall asleep while mommy runs errands.

Playard/Crib with fitted sheets: You can have either or both. Your choice. I started using my crib when I was 2 years old. So make sure you will actually use the product before you spend money on it or before you make someone spend the money. These two are affordable options. The pack 'n play is a great option for babies that share rooms with parents, for grandma's house and for travelers. For cribs, I recommend convertibles (crib, toddler bed, full size bed). There are a lot of great choices at affordable prices.

Diapers and Baby Wipes: You will always need these (unless you use cloth diapers, but I am no expert in that area so I have no recommendations on what's the best). I am 3 years old now and mommy still uses baby wipes for me. When adding diapers to your registry make sure to add different sizes. Babies outgrow the smaller sizes really fast, and if you have a big baby you may even not use the newborn size. My suggestion 1 box of newborns and two size 1 big boxes. It actually depends on how big your baby is. Pampers Swaddlers were my favorite when I was a baby.

Breastfeeding Items (and Lanolin): Get a good pump that works for you. Do your research. It doesn't have to be an expensive big name brand pump, but one that actually works. The pump shown below was the one mommy used and worked perfectly fine for her. It was electric and it could also be used with batteries. She used it a lot in the car. You should also call your health insurance, some of them cover a breastfeeding pump for the expecting mother covered by them. Free pump, woohoo! If your insurance doesn't cover a pump I recommend electric pumps all the way, not manual. (You'll need storage baggies for the milk)

Bottles: Add a small newborn gift pack. Or just small pack of your preferred bottle. Sometimes babies don't like a certain type of nipple and you don't want to be stuck with a gazillion bottles that your baby doesn't like. So get one small set of bottles to be covered in the feeding area and wait until baby arrives.

Burp Cloth: I don't have to explain this one. But, I have to say that I suggest cloth diapers because they absorb better than regular burp clothes, plus they don't have itchy decorations that bother babies.

Onesies / Shirts : You will receive plenty of these even if they are not listed in the registry.  I liked onesies, but do you know what I really, REALLY, loved as a newborn? side button shirts. Newborns hate when you put things over their head so the snap shirts were nap savers for me and brain savers for mommy! Onesies will always be used a lot, so buy plenty. There are some multi-packs that are affordable. Get a lot. Babies will get them dirty more than once a day and they will also outgrow them fast, believe me.

Sleep Sacks / Blankets: Blankets are great to cover babies from the cool weather while they are in a stroller or car seat, or when you are holding them. I had a set of 4 blankets and that was all mommy needed for me. During night time she used sleep-sacks and that kept me warm and safe while I slept. Remember, nothing on bed other than the baby. Stuffed toys, blankets and pillows can harm the baby and risk them to suffocate while sleeping.

Healthcare / Grooming Kit with a GOOD thermometer: You will need something to file those sharp nails, get boogers out and check temperatures. Invest in a reliable thermometer. Here is what we got and still use:

Bath Tub*: This one was a gift, so it is a bit expensive in my opinion but I would never buy another bathtub that is not this one. It grows with baby, and you can use it from newborn to almost a year. IT is comfortable and easy to clean and hang to dry.

Hooded Towels: Mommy never liked regular baby hooded towels. She said that getting the baby from the bathtub to her was the scariest thing in the world. It is super hard to put the towel correctly while trying to hold the wet baby on the other hand (and trying to not get wet yourself). So she suggests this apron towel. Life saver for me lol Just put it on like a regular apron, put the baby on your chest and cover with the towel. That simple.

Diaper Bag*: where are you going to store everything while you are out and about? Buy a comfortable and spacious diaper bag. There are tons of styles but here's mommy's favorite style: backpack.

Portable Changing Pad with Disposable Baggies: because you are not going to change your baby on any dirty surface. Mommy carried only this while going on a short trip to the grocery store or when we went out for walks. No bulky bags. Plus it is great when you are in a small space. You just take this out of the stroller and go to the changing station without bulky baggage. It was a hit for plane travel. And the baggies were amazing. If you do not have where to dispose a dirty diaper you just toss it in a baggie (tie the bag, please) and take it home with you. No odors will emerge from it lol. They were also good to store dirty clothes while on our way home.

Swing / Bouncer / Napper: Anything that will keep the baby content while you do chores or take a bath. I loved my swing, cared less for rocker/bouncer. But all babies are different. I would suggest these:

Baby Carrier*: because you will need one at least once in your life. If you have a baby that likes to be held, a carrier is the only thing that will let you keep your house clean and food cooked. :)

Highchair: spacesaver is the one to go! It doesn't take much space, it installs on any chair and it works for baby from infant to toddler. Oh, and good price.

Note: Items marked with "*" are not as affordable as other brands' but they are highly rated and recommended.

With only the gear and accessories on this list you will be able to survive the first weeks with a baby :) Everything else is not ESSENTIAL for taking care of a newborn and can be bought later on.

What things you couldn't live without when you had a newborn? I would love to know :)


  1. We were given a mamaroo for my daughter and it helped so much since I already had a 2 year old! Definitely not a necessity but such a lifesaver!

    1. Oh, if it helps you keep your sanity, IT IS a necessity lol! What a wonderful gift!

  2. I really relied on my journal believe it or not. .lol I tracked everything my daughter did so I was able to tell her doctor what's going on and see if everything was normal. Also, we stuck it in her archive box for her when she has her own children.

    1. That's really smart! I think mommy had one, but I guess she was too lazy (or maybe I didn't sleep that well at night haha). What a great keepsake to pass to your children. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. No kids for me. However, I have to agree that a lot of these items are definitely things that are a necessity. This is a good list for any mother, whether they're a first timer or more experienced with children.

    1. I agree, it is great for any mommy! We are minimalists and love to save too, so the less we have to buy the better, and it still works for us :)